Declaration Statement

Declaration by the Vision Network by Female Governors and Mayors

We, the members of the Vision Network by Female Governors and Mayors, hereby declare that we will each take the lead in implementing the following efforts with the goal of realizing a society where women can shine.

  1. We will take the initiative in actions to advance women’s participation in the decision-making process in politics, the economy, and all other areas of society.
  2. We will work to raise awareness of society so that everyone, regardless of gender, can play an active role for the enhancement of community vitality.
  3. We will use our wealth of expertise as women leaders and devote our efforts to nurturing the next generation of leaders for a future where everyone shines.

This time’s Vision Network conference was held under the theme of Technology and Gender Equality for Empowering Women.
We shall actively share the good practices we learned about at this meeting and engage in discussions for new initiatives.

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